Committed to create responsible innovation

SCHOOLAB is an Innovation Studio that trains, advises and accompanies its clients and partners towards responsible innovation by activating the entrepreneurial and collaborative qualities of their collaborators.
To achieve this, SCHOOLAB relies on an international community of more than 1000 entrepreneurs, managers, academic experts and students who gather on its digital platforms and open innovation spaces.


entrepreneurs, managers, academic experts and students form our ecosystem.


collaborators mobilized on 3 continents.


corporate clients of which 75% are in the top 40 largest French companies.

In the beginning, Silicon Valley

To understand Schoolab’s DNA, we need to go back to its origins. In 2005, the 3 founders, with their experience as entrepreneurs and inspired by their visit to the the Silicon Valley in the United States, made 2 impactful observations:

> European companies were cultivating very strong internal silos, paralyzing their capacity for innovation. These silos originated in an educational system divided between training courses unable to dialogue with each other.

> On the other hand, innovative design in the United States offered an immense untapped potential for developing useful innovation which is adapted to user’s needs.

photo of the Golden Gate from the shore

Helping companies maximize their positive impact within their ecosystem

We believe in the power of Design, Inclusion and Innovation to bring about new models. We create responsible and sustainable innovation by connecting our clients and their projects to our ecosystems and by revealing the entrepreneurial and collaborative qualities of each individual.

Two smiling people side by side.

Schoolab’s story

View of the stage at the launch of the Open Innovation program

Launch of the first open innovation program

Bringing students and employees to innnovate together. The CPI program, a pioneer of Design Thinking in France, has played a role in transforming the French market and educational system for 10 years.

The 3 founders of Schoolab side by side

Schoolab’s Creation

Schoolab was founded to multiply positive impact by creating numerous innovations, startup acceleration programs and design training programs. Bringing together ingredients of multi-disciplinarity, design-oriented methods and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Several people in a room at the launch of the starter program

Launch of the first startup program

The first program accompanied all entrepreneurs from the idea to their first sale. This program was open to students and professionals.

Group of Bridge students at Facebook

The First startup program in the USA with UC Berkeley

The program was co-developed with UC Berkeley to learn how to spot opportunities and anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s world.

The 3 founders of Schoolab side by side

Opening of the first Schoolab campus in Paris

Schoolab created a unique space to strengthen the contribution and links to the ecosystem.

Several people in an open space in San Francisco

Schoolab opens in San Francisco

The Silicon Valley is an iconic place for Schoolab. It is the birthplace of Design Thinking and Open Innovation which made Schoolab successful. It is the perfect place to invent Schoolab’s model for the future.

Group of intrapreneurs in a creativity session in Vietnam

Schoolab opens in Vietnam

Schoolab opens an office in Asia in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Supporting the growth of its partners and clients in the region while participating in the development of one of the most dynamic economies in Southeast Asia.

Logo of Comminauté des entreprises à mission one of our partners

Schoolab defines their mission

Schoolab promotes an entrepreneurial and collaborative state of mind to build a more harmonious society that favors a world more respectful of people and the environment.

View from inside the RaiseLab
February 2021

Opening of RaiseLab

A joint venture between RAISE and Schoolab.

The first French structure dedicated solely to open innovation with the aim of supporting collaborations between large groups, startups and communities.

A place to gather all the tools and services necessary for successful collaborations, located in the heart of Paris.

High view of the MoHo
May 2021

Opening of MoHo HQ

MoHo HQ is a unique iconic venue mixing startups, corporate companies, students, researchers, artists, athletes and citizens to collaborate and co-design solutions for challenges of the 21st century. It is dedicated to positive impact.

We are members of

SCHOOLAB a mission-driven company; aligning our actions with our values

SCHOOLAB has been growing with the ambition to build a more harmonious, committed and inclusive society through entrepreneurship and collective action.

We believe that cooperation, collaboration and entrepreneurship are the future of our society and that innovation is fundamental to invent the world of tomorrow.

We believe in sustainable innovation created by respecting resources and circular economy.
The challenge:
to harmonize the role of the human being in society, his relationship with the planet and his relationship with others. These are issues shared with our customers, partners, teams and community.

Social innovation includes all talents. We enrich our ecosystem and that of our clients with new talents that come from different backgrounds, with complementary convictions. We bring these talents together around collaborative methodologies.
To achieve this, we support numerous international, national and local initiatives bringing together experts, students, researchers and committed entrepreneurs.

success stories

Explore some of our key projects

Chanel Design Fiction framework unveil scenarios about possible future for the luxury industry.

The Schoolab team used its unique Design Fiction framework to unveil scenarios about the future of the luxury industry and the positioning of Chanel

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Designing a plastic-free car

UC Berkeley students and Furecia teamed-up to design a plastic-free car a cleaner supply chain by sourcing a natural fiber that can replace the use of plastic by 50%.

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Creating a compostable packaging out of waste

Method, a company that manufactures a wide range of sustainable cleaning products, and Whole Foods, the multinational supermarket chain now acquired by Amazon, paired together to find a circular model for Method’s packaging.

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Equitable Design Lab: Innovation and Bias, Increasing Access for Diverse Startups

Schoolab's Equitable Design Lab team built an innovation to eliminate the lack of diversity in participation and expose bias in program performance, creating a more inclusive platform for YouNoodle’s customers.

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